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  • Gooney Bird
    Rank 5 Registered User
    • Nov 2005
    • 493

    Originally posted by Pte1643
    Apart from the 747, ALL modern airliners look the same.
    I agree, all modern airliners do look very similar and are very boring!


    • allmcc
      Senior Member
      • Apr 2005
      • 139

      Although they were and still are noisy, smelly and smokey, nothing beats the view of a TU154 heading straight towards you! - with those anhedral wings, they look like a real mean son of a b***h!


      • OneLeft
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • May 2003
        • 1099

        So many types for so many reasons.

        757-200 because it's so sexy.
        330-300 because it's so pretty.
        Shorts 360 because it's so ugly.
        737 because I love it to work on.
        Trislander because flying on it makes me smile.

        Images all taken from

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        • LBARULES
          Pointless flightaholic!
          • May 2003
          • 9820

          I realised the other day that it's not just the 757-200 I love, give me any type of triple 7 also, although the A330 is a good looking bird, and 777 is just a beast!


          • hawkdriver05
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Mar 2005
            • 1372

            New fav...JU-52


            • ollieholmes
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Oct 2005
              • 2434

              Originally posted by Moggy C
              Does the Dragon Rapide count?

              They still operate with Classic Wings in a paassenger carrying capacity so I feel they should.

              A proud owner once took me for a bimble and it was an incredible experience. Sitting in the smart, leather, single seats. Legs stretched out to their fullest extent, watching the ground slip past at a leisurely 110 knots or so it was so redolent of a time when air travel was an adventure rather than an endurance event.

              I'll get back to historic now.

              If Moggys allowed that im going to put my vote in. For me its a tie between the Dragon Rapide (sheer beauty), Connie (elegant what with those huge undercarige) and the Dc3 (how many airliners are still being used 70 years after they first flew?) I cant see small airlines all over the world buying up many modern airliners.


              • futurepilot123
                Junior Member
                • Apr 2006
                • 1

                Has to be the boeing 747 classic or the 747-400. It was first made in 1969- the year we first went to the moon and still remains the biggest passenger airliner in service today (although not for long).


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