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What would it be called

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  • Flying-forever
    At Southampton Airport..
    • Dec 2005
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    What would it be called

    I somtimes when im bored create my own airline (jot it down on paper) i come up with the most bizzar names. if you could create your own airlin3 what would it be called?? I've come up with

    Leap Airlines

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  • Comet
    Belgian Beer Expert
    • Jan 2000
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    If I could create my own real life airline it would be called Sabena and based in Brussels.
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      Pea love
      • May 2004
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      I've always liked 'AeroVapour'
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      • Michael_Mcr
        Rank 5 Registered User
        • Aug 2005
        • 262

        i thought of "RailTrack Aviation" .....


        • G-CDFF
          Senior Member
          • Sep 2005
          • 1294

          I made up "Welsh Dragon Airways", based at CWL but I think it is a bit ambitious, serving almost every main European city and the large ones in America atc.


          • A330-300
            Rank 5 Registered User
            • Dec 2005
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            AeroCrap does for me.


            • heslop01
              Rank 5 Registered User
              • Jan 2006
              • 2035

              Somethong that sounds inviting

              Sunseekers maybe
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              • ~gb~
                Senior Member
                • Jun 2005
                • 107

                Could always try something really unique like painting the aircraft a bright colour and calling the airline SqueezyJet.



                • tenthije
                  Harrie Spotter
                  • Jan 2000
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                  In honour of the comedian Joep van het Heck (sp?)

                  Air Crash
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                  • Dantheman77
                    Rank 5 Registered User
                    • Jul 2004
                    • 763

                    i would call my airline "Dan-Air"
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                    • steve rowell
                      Expat Geordie
                      • Apr 2003
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                      Originally posted by Comet
                      If I could create my own real life airline it would be called Sabena and based in Brussels.
                      You would have to be the most patriotic person i've ever come across!!
                      Best Regards Steve


                      • ianthefish
                        Rank 5 Registered User
                        • Apr 2005
                        • 52

                        Airline names, what about funny accronyms for airlines, a couple I remember from airlines calling in at "Belize International"

                        SAHSA - Stay At Home Stay Alive airlines

                        TACA - Take A Chance Airways

                        Back on topic, I would form Sub Ways (Subcontactor Airways) a low cost airline dedicated to moving subcontractors on point to point services. No hubs, No delays, No connecting flights, No reclining seats, No children, No tourists, Express check-in, No crowds, Flight departures at the end of the working day, Arrivals just before the start working day!

                        2 classes of Ticket

                        Sub Standard or the more expensive
                        Sub Liminal
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                        • Dutchy
                          'Je maintiendrai'
                          • Jan 2000
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                          Originally posted by tenthije
                          In honour of the comedian Joep van het Heck (sp?)

                          Air Crash
                          Youp van 't Heck


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                          • xpboy
                            "The Girls Of Mile High"
                            • Apr 2005
                            • 632

                            i defo wouldnt call it "FRESH"
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                            • cloud_9
                              Rank 5 Registered User
                              • Sep 2005
                              • 2418

                              Here is my idea...

                              My airline would be called VISION AIRWAYS

                              It would be a low-cost airline based on the principles of JetBlue Airways, operating A320's out of LGW to popular destinations within Europe. And if there was enough space in the regional market, it would operate the E190!

                              When I am bored, I spend my time designing liveries. This is my attempt for VISION. What do you think?
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                              • GAZGLA
                                Rank 5 Registered User
                                • Nov 2004
                                • 338

                                My airline is all set-up Lots of word documents on planned routes

                                Aircraft type unknown, perhaps Q400. Just 1 to start with.

                                Name: UKanfly

                                Identity: Unsure whether to go for full service or low cost. So far its full service but these days pax expect low fares so its kind of hard. Original routes would be GLA-ORY 2x daily and GLA-MUC 1x daily.




                                • ZB057
                                  Rank 5 Registered User
                                  • May 2004
                                  • 162

                                  mine would be called Smile.

                                  Based on a premium low cost model ala Jetblue/Monarch Sch - flying from Luton/Doncaster and Bournemouth to popular UK and european destinations. Allocated seating, leather seats etc.
                                  21OCT LHR/WAW BA319
                                  24OCT WAW/LHR BA319
                                  10FEB LGN/BLQ BA734
                                  14FEB BLQ/LGN BA735 (Club Europe)


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