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Boeing’s advanced 747 a step closer to take-off

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  • bring_it_on
    2005-year of the RAPTOR!!
    • Jun 2004
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    Boeing’s advanced 747 a step closer to take-off
    Old radar types never die; they just phased array
  • Shadow1
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    • Sep 2004
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    We've been hearing about this for the last two or three years now and nothing has materialized. Its getting a little long in the tooth.
    What is taking them so long to make a decision? If there is such interest from various airlines, then why is it they are still hesitating? Boeing obviously stands to make money on the aircraft so just launch the bloody program and get on with it!
    Boeing should stop worrying about what Airbus and the EU government does and get back to what they do best! Design great aircraft and sell them to their customers!


    • coanda
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2000
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      i like how the article makes out airbus have made a u-turn over their philosophy.....last year it was big aeroplanes........this year its not-so-big aeroplanes......geez.......

      Notice the author did not point out Boeings 'u-turn' on developing a larger 747

      however......cant see them launching it really.


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