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LHR - Worst Airport?

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  • MapleLeaf_330
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    Slowly updating T1-3 is not a bad idea. It would clearly have to be done in stages. But once you move BA out of there and out of T4 it free up (some) capacity. I think they should just build on the T5 idea (like Atlanta) and keep building Island terminals straight through.


    • CWBalmer
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      LHR is a DUMP on the inside and GREAT on the outside!!! Great for spotting that is!
      You cant beat Chek Lap Kok or Changi in my opinion!!

      Mind you, LHR is great for Customs early in the am - I do a fair amount of long haul flights and arriving there at about 0530/0600 means that customs is ALWAYS empty - the last few times i came through, I didnt even have to get my passport out! LOL
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