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Passport Query!

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    Passport Query!

    Hi i have a 5 year passport which was issued on 21 may 2002 i am going to New York with college in march 2006, we have been told we must have a 10 year passport or we will not be alowed into the USA. is this true and how would i be able to get into New York.
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    If you need a passport which must be in date for a full year from day you arrive then you best get one to avoid dissapointment. Most countries have different rules. If your unsure try and look for an online version of TIM.


    • Mark L
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      • Mar 2003
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      I don't believe it matters if you have a 5 year one or a 10 year one, it just has to be machine readable. You can tell this by all the digits at the bottom of the photo page. If it was issued in 2002 than I am 99% certain that it will satisfy the regulations, but definitly worth reading the full advice on something like the Foreign Office website.
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      • MINIDOH
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        I too have heard that. I flew to NY in March this year, but I recall someone saying that this past summer the rules were changing and it was something to do with passports.


        • T5
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          I'm not sure what the situation is with the United States but I am aware that there are a few countries (including Thailand) which are fussy about the date on your passport. With Thailand as an example, your passport must be valid for 6 months after you leave the country.

          This year, my passport would have only had about 3 months left on it so I had to renew it at a cost of 42 but any extra months left on the old passport are credited to the new one.


          • andrewm
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            • Jan 2000
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            My Sisters passport was a 2001 edition and she flew DUB-ORD-DFW-Mexico-DFW-ORD-DUB on it....

            The rules for entry changed recently but just that you have to give details of your first nights stay's addresss in the USA.
            Regards, Andrew


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