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A380: World (Domination) Tour

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  • Manston Airport
    Fokker Crazy
    • Jul 2005
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    Originally posted by Ren Frew
    GLA claims it can "get it down, but may not get it up?"

    Handling the A380 may mean many things? I'd expect handling to mean an airport can physically accomodate the aircraft and it's passengers in a normal fashion, utilising it's terminal and ancillary services??

    I suspect many airports could accept an A380 to varying degrees of comfort.

    Yeh Manston can do all off that but there is one problem if there is an A380 on the terminal apron what can handle up to 4 A320 4 Fokker 100 and the 4 737 aircraft well just say there are four parking spots on the apron .If to say there was a A380 on the terminal apron and 4 passager aircraft came into land only two will fit on the apron.They had this problem when 4 eujet plane's landed and a MD-11 world airways was on the terminal apron.

    BTW if Don't understand this it cause i am tired and can't think straight lol
    Looking forward to the 2010 airshow Season



    • andrewm
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      • Jan 2000
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      I doubt there will be a full load of Passengers if it does make this tour but the question is does anyone think it would get a big a turn out as Concorde did? If there is enough time until the tour im tempted to book a flight to an airport which will get it as long time before one comes to Belfast Internstional lol!
      Regards, Andrew


      • steve rowell
        Expat Geordie
        • Apr 2003
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        Originally posted by andrewm
        I doubt there will be a full load of Passengers if it does make this tour!
        Probably a handfull of press and some airline exec's
        Best Regards Steve


        • fightingirish
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          • May 2004
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          For steve rowell and all other Aussies:

          The world's largest passenger aircraft will stop over in Australia next month as part of a maiden test flight through Asia.
          Qantas chief executive officer Geoff Dixon said the Airbus would visit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on a promotional tour that would also include Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

          Qantas is due to take delivery of the first of 12 Airbus A380s in 2007, after Singapore Airlines (SIA), which will be the world's first airline to operate the aircraft.
          "The visit of the A380 will coincide with Qantas' 85th anniversary a major milestone for the airline and for Australian aviation," Mr Dixon said.
          The first A380 will arrive in Australia in the lead up to Qantas' birthday on November 16, although a firm timetable is yet to be announced by Airbus.
          Airbus representatives were in Australia last week to meet Qantas, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and airport operators in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to discuss the "considerable" logistical effort involved in the visit, Mr Dixon said.
          "We expect high levels of interest in the aircraft while it is in Australia and Qantas is very excited that it is behind the A380's first flight outside Europe," he added.
          The double-decker aircraft can carry up to 555 passengers in three different classes.
          The A380 was due for delivery this year but in June Airbus said that it would be delayed for up to six months due to production problems.
          Mr Dixon said Qantas would mark its 85th birthday with a special dinner for 600 guests in its new aircraft maintenance hangar at Brisbane Airport on November 15.
          Qantas Ambassador and Hollywood actor John Travolta will be a special guest at the dinner, along with his now famous ex-Qantas Boeing 707, painted in its original Qantas branding and livery from the 1960s.
          Airbus has received more than 150 orders for the new aircraft.
          This story is from our network.
          Sln, fightingirish
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