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Lo-Cost Dilema Summer 2006

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  • cheesebag
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    Lo-Cost Dilema Summer 2006

    I have a dilema.... I have a villa booked in the Algarve for 13th Augusy for 3 weeks. As VZ are no longer with us (RIP!) I need to book flights preferably from BHX or if not EMA/MAN.

    Monarch sched have taken over the VZ routes and are on sale but for the 5 of us they want 1200 (I got the same flights last year with VZ for 600!)

    Jet2 want 850 from MAN, and the premium charters want between 1500-2000. !!!!!

    What do people think of Jet2??

    So I think I need to wait for EZY and Flybe and Thomsonfly to release their routes but does anybody know when!!!! There is NO info whatsoevee on the EZY website.
  • andrewm
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    Expect easyJet routes by 2nd Week in December at the latest. They release them in batches (approx 4/5 in total) usually with around a week between. Flybe probably will also be before Christmas.

    Jet2 are very good medium haul from what ive heard!
    Regards, Andrew


    • wozza
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      Flybe have announced some of their new routes for Summer 2006:


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