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What aircraft?

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  • Craigston_Tom
    Paint the skies LittleRed
    • May 2004
    • 631

    What aircraft?

    On October 11th, I'm off to Leeds with Ryanair via Dublin from Aberdeen.
    Does anyone know what type of aircraft they'll be - B737-200 or B737-800?
    With Best Wishes ... Tom
  • Airline owner
    Rank 5 Registered User
    • Oct 2003
    • 5327

    To get a 732, you'd have to be lucky now. I'm guessing it will more than likely be a 738


    • LFC24
      Senior Member
      • Apr 2005
      • 728

      Yep, unfortunately for you it'll be a 738. Anyone confirm when they'll be actually introduced into LBA?


      • lbaspotter
        • May 2004
        • 784

        To get a 732, you'd have to be lucky now. I'm guessing it will more than likely be a 738
        I think you most likey now to be on a B737-200, As all flight to LBA are still operated by the type. Ryanair flights were set to Change on the 1st of October to a All Boeing 737-800 Fleet.

        Don't think this will happen for LBA as Ryanair are now keeping 2 or 3 of the older B737-200 for a little while longer, Till November 1st if i remember rightly. This due to the late delivery off there newer B737-800 from Boeing. Which is because due to the on-going Boeing Strike in America.

        I hope you get the first B737-800 Scheduled Ryanair to LBA Thou. That would be nice?? News, Info & Daily Movements


        • LBARULES
          Pointless flightaholic!
          • May 2003
          • 9820

          I can see you getting a 732 on both flights personally, 732s still operate all flights to LBA, and ABZ as far as I know.


          • wozza
            Chelsea Fan
            • Sep 2005
            • 1089

            It will be a B732, I haven't seen a ryanair B738 @ aberdeen (from Ryanair) before


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