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Leeds Bradford- gates

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  • astraeus471
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    • Aug 2005
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    Leeds Bradford- gates

    HiDoes anyone know how many stands and gates there are at LBA and what is the largest aircraft able to operate there, I have seen an Air Luxo A330 but can it handle the 747 etc.

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  • tmurphy
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    • Jul 2005
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    According to CAA charts there are 18 stands, the first 8 along the terminal building, the other 10 are stands past the terminal building.

    According to Boeings 'Commercial Aircraft Design Characteristics' a fully laden 747-400 needs a runway of at least 3250m long and as LBA's
    runway 32/14 is only 2250m long, it's too short by a kilometer.


    • Grey Area
      • Apr 2004
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      Wardair B747s used to operate from Leeds many moons ago but they weren't -400s and I'll bet they weren't fully-laden either.
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      • LBARULES
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        • May 2003
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        The Wardair 747s used to go via BHX, Tony is right about the stands, with 09/27 been used for aircraft parking when the airport is really full.


        • wawkrk
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          • Apr 2004
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          A runway of 3250m also rules out DSA`s tiny runway, far too short, EMA, Stansted, Man,etc.
          So only 2 runways at Heathrow! No more in the UK I think.


          • lbaspotter
            • May 2004
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            first i'll start with B747s at LBA
            Boeing 747,s have operated out of LBA over they years with No problems. The first ever B747-200 was operated by BA on a special charter for the opening of the runway extension 32/14. (Aircraft was named City of Leeds, Which was destroyed in Iraq at the start of the first Gulf War). On the same day the first Wardair Charter to Tronto took place as well. Yes in indeed this use to operate via BHX. So we had 2 jumbos on the first day of operations of the runay exstension

            Corsair have operated there B747SP, B747-200 & 300s on nomours ocations on Lordes Charters. The Last visit by Corsair was when Leeds Utd took on Barcelona at the Nou Camp and We had 2 off the aircraft on the deck at the same time 1 x B747-200 And 1 x B747-300.

            Air Atlanta have operated there operated B747-200 on Lordes Charter in the past as well. The last Boeing 747 at LBA was A B747SP of dubia air wing A6-SMR.

            Not forgetting a Dragon Air Cargo B747F made a fly past back in late 80'S (The guy flying it was the Captain of that very first B747 operated by BA.) Also LBA has been visited by a Virgin B747-200 once, When this happened roumors were going around saying Virgin were going to make Leeds a new base and operate flights over the Atlantic from the little airport on top of hill. I Wished!

            Parking Stands
            There is 18 stands presently at LBA. Most nights the Apron is full so A Jet2 B737-300 is normally pushed onto Runway 09/27 For parking at the eastern end.

            Runway 09/27 is to be closed on October 1st this year. On the same day Taxiway Delta will be closed for 3 Months for a total rebuild. Once reopen this will be able to handle Aircraft upto Size of B767,B747 (Presently they have to make a full back track to the intersection of runways 32/14 & 09/27.)

            3 Months Later.
            Once this work is complete 3 new parking stands will be made at the Eastern End of Runway 09/27 (This is the reason behide the Closer of 09/27). While this work is in progress the now 09/27 will be upgraded to full taxiway lighting.

            Once all work is complete we will have 21 Stands at the End of this winter. Then the Airport are looking at working on the main runway 32/14.

            Hope this helps
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            • tmurphy
              Senior Member
              • Jul 2005
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              Sorry for the mis-information on the 747's...

              Looks like the Boeing document is erring way too far on the side of caution.


              • EGNM
                • Jan 2000
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                Talking of the Virgin photoshoot, I am certain BA did the same at some point when they lauched the Landor Livery in the 1980s. In fact I may some some picciesa somewhere...


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