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Aviation News November issue OUT NOW - BOEING 747 SPECIAL!

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    Aviation News November issue OUT NOW - BOEING 747 SPECIAL!

    November issue OUT NOW



    Firefighting Jumbos
    The versatile and much-loved Boeing 747 has now proved itself as a vital weapon to combat large-scale blazes. Frdric Marsaly details how the type has been modified to undertake the aerial firefighting role.

    Boeing 747-400: Best-selling Variant
    More Boeing 747-400s were built than any other variant and it was arguably the most successful. Joe Copalman explains why.

    Pan Ams Special Jumbos
    Pan Am pioneered ultra long-range flights with the Boeing 747SP. Bob OBrien describes how this famous airline made use of a very specialised jumbo.

    747 Freighters
    Freighters have been an important part of the success story of the Boeing 747. David Willis examines the variants and conversions that have taken to the skies.

    Also in this issue:

    Belfast International Airport: Continued Growth
    Guy Warner outlines Belfast International Airports growth through the decades.

    Flying the Javelin
    Tom Docherty tells the Javelins story through the eyes of men who operated the interceptor during its RAF service.

    Norwegian P-3s: Northern Guardians
    Lieuwe Hofstra reports on the Royal Norwegian Air Forces P-3 Orions that patrol the inhospitable waters of NATOs northern flank.

    Two Decades of Dismantling
    Adrian M Balch reports from Kemble, Gloucestershire, on Air Salvage International which has 20 years experience in aircraft disassembly.

    and much more!

    Pick up your copy now, direct from or in leading newsagents. Alternatively, you can download a digital edition from - simply search 'Aviation News'

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