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Throwback Thursday

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    Throwback Thursday

    Anyone interested in the Angolan civil war. This was a bit like the Berlin airlift.

    This is the operation I flew in 2001 -2002. Air Gemini was the "opposition". I flew the Transafrik plane you see from about 3:58 onwards.

    There was no road or rail transport in Angola because of the vicious war, everything was transported by air, including fuel. We had two dedicated fuel tankers carrying 20,000 liters of fuel... a flying A bomb. There was a missile threat and three of our aircraft were shot down, this was one :

    We used to be woken up at 2am, transport at 3am, takeoff at 4am to arrive at first light. 3 flights a day 6 days a week sometimes back to base at 10pm at night.

    Unfortunately I didn't have a camera at the time. This is one of a few videos made.

    Watch the video here

    Mods please embed the video if it is allowed.
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