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Malaysian B.777 MH One Seven downed over Ukraine.

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    Sadly, it is no longer newsworthy, so we will perhaps not know from normal media.

    Try FlightGlobal.


      This is still very much news in Holland.

      So far 284 out of 298 victims have been identified. This does not always mean that their bodies have been completely recovered, just that material of 284 different persons has been identified.
      There is still human material where no (DNA) match has been made (burned/decomposed) with the coroners.
      Most of these bodies were recovered by the Ukrainians/Russians in the first days after the crash, where the emphasis was on recovering the remains.
      Western teams only have had limited acces to the crash site which has been in and out of the frontline of the fights.
      When a full russian invasion looked iminent the investigation team pulled out completely
      To my knowledge no heavy equipment needed to move large wreckage parts operated by investigators has been into the erea.
      As a result not much of the wreckage has been secured. Photos have been made on site.

      There has been a prelimanry report on the crash but that was only stating a number of obvious facts.

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        Thank you both for the replies.
        Very sad that more cannot be done to clear this mystery up.
        Sad too is that World Governments have it seems to me done little (except to pay lip service to Pres Putin) to pressure those in the region to sort themselves out and come together to help solve the reasons surrounding the crash and resulting loss of so many lives.


          Dutch Investigation Board: Sources say MH17 report blames Russian missile

          According to the source, the report says it was a Buk missile -- a Russian surface-to-air missile -- that was used, launched from a village in Russian rebel controlled territory.
          Report's details [...] gives a minute by minute timeline of flight MH17. This source also says not only does the draft report pinpoint where the missile was fired from it identifies who was in control of the territory and pins the downing of MH17 on the pro-Russian rebels.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Impact_CNN150716.jpg
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          Post impact fall-out:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Debris_CNN150716.jpg
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            Dutch safety board announces MH17 investigation over, set to release report

            Report would be made public on the 13th of October.
            Those harrowing last moments will be told to the relatives of the victims in advance of the reports public release on October 13.
            Let's pray/have a though for them.

            The Board last night announced it was ready to make the report public, and also reveal its reconstructed fuselage of the aircraft shot down over east Ukraine last July[...]:Using the recovered pieces of wreckage, part of the cockpit and the business class section have been reconstructed, the Board said.


            the Board said four critical factors would be answered:
            - the cause of the crash
            - the issue of flying over conflict areas
            - why Dutch surviving relatives of the victims had to wait two to four days before receiving confirmation from the Dutch authorities that their loved ones were on board flight MH17
            - [...]the question to what extent the occupants of flight MH17 were consciously (sic) of the crash.

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              Sure we all prayed and pray for those who perished and those left grieving.

              Sadly the perpetrators have no religion that respects human life.

              Will the real culprits be brought to justice ?


                " Will the real culprits be brought to justice ? "

                Talk to Mr Putin.....he has the means
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                  Sorry but I don't see him doing much about it. I may be wrong.
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                    Ukraine's chief MH17 expert [might have] survive [an] assassination attempt

                    Oleksandr Ruvin, Director of Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Expertise at the Ministry of Justice, received a gunshot wound to his legs and was hospitalized.

                    Police have launched an investigation and suspect the attack could have been associated [with] his professional activities.

                    Ruvin has played a key role in the investigation of the crash of Malaysian flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine in July 2014, and represented Ukraine in a number of international commissions[...].

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                      Family victims sue seeking justice for a crime

                      The claim is for 10 million Australian dollars ($7.2m; 4.9m) for each victim, and the lawsuit names both the Russian state and its president as respondents.
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                        Will they succeed? That's a $10M question.
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                          Large missile's parts identified among MH17 debris

                          The report in HTML

                          “we are writing history as we speak and I do realise that everything that we lay our hands on is important for the history of the future.”
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                            Raids in Germany, Switzerland in MH17 probe

                            Among the objects seized during last week's raids were "apparently explosive papers" which Dutch investigators hope may narrow down the search for those behind the 2014 tragedy, said the daily De Telegraaf.
                            Interesting coincidence.
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                              Russia behind cyberattacks on MH17 investigation team

                              the German intelligence service Bundesverfassungsschutz (BfV) in a report on Russia’s digital espionage activities [states that] the Russians were trying to get hold of information about MH17, the Telegraaf reports.
                              I am not sure if that "news" is really diff from what have been already posted last years. See it more as a confirmation of assertions made earlier by British Journalists at a time when some new material would be accessible to the justice (read above post).

                              NL times
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                                MH17: Dutch criminal investigation results ready Sept. 28

                                The Joint Investigation Team working on the criminal investigation into the downing of flight MH17 in the Ukraine in 2014, will release the first results of the investigation on September 28th, RTL Nieuws reports.

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                                  I still find it sad and annoying that despite the excellent, comprehensive report the Dutch wrote that shows exactly how MH17 was brought down, there are still those that think it's a cover up.

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                                    It was more than sad and annoying. It probably helped to delay completion of the investigations by the Dutch safety board and by the JIT.

                                    Late on the evening of the day on which MH17 was shot down, a Jane's representative told the BBC that the likely culprit was a Buk launcher, perhaps operating in solo mode without the normal support of a Command Post (CP) vehicle and 'Snow Drift' Target Acquisition Radar vehicle. Nothing subsequently emerged to suggest a viable alternative theory.

                                    However a growing number of ill-conceived or even deliberately-misleading theories on how the aircraft was shot down did have one unfortunate effect, a source close to the investigation told me. As each emerged, the investigators had to add it to their workload. There had been no shortage of claims that the investigators were overlooking evidence that supported alternative theories. So although the recovery of recognisable Buk warhead fragments from recovered bodies had been an early indication of how the aircraft was downed, each theory (no matter how crazy) had to be officially considered, then investigated to the point where it could be disproved and dismissed.
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                                      Malaysian PM: Committed to justice for downing of MH-17

                                      Speaking in Berlin after meeting Chancellor Angela Merkel, [Najib] Razak says after Dutch authorities release the criminal investigation results, the countries involved will discuss the next course of action based upon the findings.

                                      He says "we remain committed to ... bring those people responsible to justice."
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                                        Russia hands over missing radar data

                                        Russia on Wednesday handed over files about the MH17 plane disaster to Dutch investigators, justice minister Ard van der Steur told MPs.

                                        A package of information was handed over to the Dutch authorities by the Russian public prosecution department at 3pm Dutch time, Van der Steur said.

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                                          TomcatVIP, your link leads to a subscriber-only page - I cannot access it.
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