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Airbus A320neo - Rollout !

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  • Deino
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    Airbus A320neo - Rollout !

    Looking nice with these larger engines + Sharklets !

    Airbus first A320neo reaches completion

    The assembly of Airbus first A320neo has been completed following painting of the aircraft and the mounting of Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM engines. MSN6101, which will be the first A320neo to fly, will soon start its ground tests to prepare for first flight.

    The flight test campaign for the A320neo will kick-off in September 2014, paving the way for Entry Into Service in Q4 2015.

    The A320neo new engine option incorporates many innovations, including latest generation engines and large Sharklet wing-tip devices, which together deliver 15 percent in fuel savings and a reduction of 3,600 tonnes of C02 per aircraft per year. With a total of nearly 2,700 orders received from more than 50 customers since its launch in 2010, the A320neo Family has captured some 60 percent of the market, clearly demonstrating its leadership.

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  • J Boyle
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    Looks like they finally figured out how to attach winglets....

    I've read that the earlier 320 wing didn't have the structure to support them.
    The 737MAX will have even more efficient modern ones.
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