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How badly damaged is the Boeing Brand?!

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  • garryrussell
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    • Jun 2008
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    There is no reason as to why Boeing's reputation will be damaged

    OK, a revolutionary aeroplane has problems but that can be expected when new frontiers are croossed.

    People are too quick to jump on the doom and gloom.

    British Airways, just this last week, has converted 18 options for the 787 into firm orders for delivery 20-17-21.

    So they are happy and in the longer term all the problems will have been ironed out.

    Lead customers often get discounts for being the first on an untried type.

    Some airlines hang back and wait for the 'B' model...that's how it's always been and always will be

    Boeing did make one enormous blunder. That was to launch a project into the untried and at the same time guarantee a foolish.

    But any customer with an ounce of common sense would not have fallen for that one, even if they did use the fact to try and get a penalty. If an airline does order a new type without a contingency plan, that's their look out.


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