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Confirmed: AA and US to merge

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  • tenthije
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    Confirmed: AA and US to merge

    Not really all that big a surprise as rumours have been going round for months now, but American Airlines and US Airways confirmed they are going to merge.
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  • Matt-100
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    • Jul 2012
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    Good news; more daily departures and US connections, I'm happy

    Interesting to read that Doug will become the new CEO, I naturally assumed Tom would. But it's not necessarily a bad thing, what he's achieved with US since the America West merger has been nothing short of amazing. I'm sure he'll continue the success with the new behemoth.

    I wonder where this leaves Star Alliance? They've had quite a few setbacks and departures over the past few years, meanwhile One World is growing at a rate of knots.
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    • cloud_9
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      • Sep 2005
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      I maybe wrong in saying this, but hasn't US Airways always been considered to be the #3 carrier of the Star Alliance, that was until Continental and United agreed to merge?

      With the DL/NW merger strengthening the SkyTeam alliance, CO/UA's merger strengthing the Star Alliance in some ways, it would seem natural almost for the last 2 remaining carriers of what used to be known as "the big 6" in the USA to join together and strength the last remaining alliance network, OneWorld.

      Consolidation is now where the industry is headed because all airlines are suffering, so much so that it has now become necessary to seek joint-ventures, alliance and code-share partnerships with others in order to survive.

      For example, in a recent internal blog post Jeff Smisek (Chairman, President, and CEO of United Continental Holdings, Inc., the holding company for both United Airlines and Continental Airlines) said that CO/UA is now in a much stronger position than it ever was as two single carriers.

      Another example, I've heard lately is that things could simply boil down to just three airlines in the world...OneWorld, SkyTeam & Star. Each airline will still operate as their own brand so to speak, but you'll be flying "Star Alliance" rather than any one particular airline. And if you see how things are changing at airports nowadays where these alliance carriers are all focusing their operations together and housing all the airlines under one-roof (SkyTeam all operate out of T4 at LHR now!) in a bid to create a seamless travel experience for their customers.


      • ThreeSpool
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        • Mar 2010
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        Thank god it was announced, I thought was going to implode if it never came to fruition.

        If US Airways returns to Glasgow, it'll mean I don't have to go through LHR - if they stay OW.

        It should be nice to see the fleet rollover into the new livery.


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