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London-Amsterdam by Air-Bridge?!

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  • cloud_9
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    • Sep 2005
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    London-Amsterdam by Air-Bridge?!

    I just happen to find and read this tounge-in-cheek article, which I found quite funny, so I thought I would share it with everyone else:

    It could be true... London-Amsterdam Air-Bridge concept studied by UK government.

    The UK Government has established a highly paid 15-person committee to examine whether a focus group study should be conducted into the feasibility of a new Air-Bridge to connect London Heathrow Airport with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The bridge will be the longest single- span construction ever conceived. The exciting concept follows strenuous attempts by the Conservatives Liberal Democrat and Green coalition partners to encourage air passengers to travel anywhere except to and from the UK.

    The committee will be headed by the Bishop of Bottom Hollow and Little Barking, who leapt to prominence last year by excommunicating all airline staff in the UK, whom he described as sinful exponents of the dark art. The concept of the new Air-Bridge would allow passengers at Heathrow to connect, via a short 15-hour bus ride, through Schiphol Airport to lots of other places in the world. This is only slightly more than the current time taken to connect between terminals at London Heathrow.

    The Air-Bridge will, according to the revolutionary plan, avoid the need to build any more airports, runways or terminals in the UK. Under the daft [sic] plan, published illegally by WikiLeaks, funding for the bridge is to be generated from a simple tripling of the Air Passenger Duty. Its only a few quid anyway and most people can afford it. If they cant, they should stay at home. Theres lots of good programmes on the telly these days, said Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, MP, who is currently supervising a reduction in payments to the BBC.

    A BAA official, when informed of the new committee and bridge concept, supported the prospect, once she had sat down and had a cup of tea. Meanwhile a spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Transport said something that no one outside Holland could understand, and then expressed a total lack of knowledge of any proposed Anglo-Dutch bridge. Theres no way we want any more transfer passengers here either. Now that we dont charge them, they only get in the way and before we know it, well have to build another runway. It would be better if they connected to Brussels Airport instead, because it is not in Holland, said the spokesman.

  • EGTC
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    • Jan 2009
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    Dont go giving them ideas, with this government it could happen


    • Doors4
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      • Jul 2011
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      That's probably too close to the truth to be funny!


      • tenthije
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        • Jan 2000
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        As the resident Dutchman, let me just say "BRING IT ON"! I don't mind to see traffic doubled at Schiphol, though I would imagine a few locals might feel different. Would you be willing to take them in?

        BTW, the comment about the guy from Holland being impossible to understand is probably close to the truth as well.
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