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  1. Hi Tony
    I have been speaking to Stephen Grey and he is keen to re-unite the cockpit coming with VZ345 and is willing to trade this witha WWII stick grip, could you please send me a couple of photo's from both the outside and the inside of the coming for Mr Grey.
    From memory can you remember what happened to other major components of VZ including the windscreen assy and the control columns please?
  2. Sorry but no! I have an interest in this particular Fury as it crashed justa fter I arrived at BD and have loads of helio stuff, any WW2 grips?
  3. Hi Tony
    Today i have been down to Yeovilton going through crates of Sea Fury spares, it has taken me ages to set the visit up, i cannot find a front or rear Sea Fury T20 control stick anywhere can you help me here please if possible?
    Would you except a new Wasp control grip for the cockpit comin?
  4. Hi Tony
    Please could you send me a couple of photos of the cockpit coming?
  5. would be interested...I collect control grips (any condition) and Spit stuff for my project
  6. Hi Tony
    I hope you could help me please?
    I understand you may still have the cockpit coming for VZ345? the restoration of this Sea Fury T20 began in Australia today and would you be prepared to swap/trade something for section please?
    Also do you know of anybody who has cockpit items of Sea Fury parts including control columns? VZ345 has been robbed blind and i have been able to find some items in Australia but the wing fold, cockpits, control runs, and wheel bays have been robbed quite badly.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
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