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Thread: Mystery: Regos of leased a/c

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    Mystery: Regos of leased a/c

    Some airlines keep country of origin registrations on aircraft they have leased. Any ideas why? tks!

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    RE: Mystery: Regos of leased a/c

    It probably relates to the type of lease agreement entered into.

    Wet or Dry Lease.
    Wet lease - tends to be with the crew etc and the aircraft will operate under the banner of the airline it has been leased from.

    Dry lease - only the aircraft is leased, with all crews etc supplied by the airline using this aircraft. As they operate the aircraft with their own crews the aircraft will be
    re-registered to that countries requirements.

    Hope this helps :-)

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    PhilB Guest

    RE: Mystery: Regos of leased a/c

    Two additional items to complement an excellent answer:

    Many Airbus Industrie aircraft which are leased maintain French registry (F-Oxxx if not operated by French companies) though they are operated by the leasee airline's own crews. Part of the reason for this is that Airbus continue maintenance under many of these deals and the aircraft flies under French airworthiness rules, saving the airline the cost certifying the aircraft, particularly in third world or smaller countries. In many cases the leasing arm of Airbus is also maintains its insurance cover on the aircraft, charging the lessee.

    The other reason is that, even where a type is certified in a country, if that country's authorities will allow its nationals to fly foreign registered aircraft on service from that country, it may still be too expensive to register an aircraft for a short period and transfer all the insurance (plus the problem of the extra mounds of paperwork)

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