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Thread: WW2 WRAF memoirs 1939-1945

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    WW2 WRAF memoirs 1939-1945

    Hi all my grandmother served in the Royal Air Force from 39-45. Obviously she is getting on in years now and i would like to get her experiences recorded for posterity but she will not talk to me about them.

    The info ive gleaned from her over the years is pretty slim pickings. On a trip to East Kirkby she pointed out a picture of a bomber crew saying that she used to go out with the pilot (she mentioned his name but ive forgotten it) who survived his tour of ops along with his crew.
    She has mentioned being based at Goxhill (ive never heard of it) when the Americans were there. She dosent have anything good to say about the Americans appart from "The Yanks were terrible they would drop bl***y bombs anywhere and i nearly married one thank god i didnt". (her words)
    Shes also mentioned being stationed at Bently Priory.

    Anyway what i was wondering was who i need to get in contact with to get her memoirs recorded properly so that they are not lost forever. Assuming of course that shes willing to tell of her experiences.
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    Try contacting the voice archive at the Imperial War Museum, they may be able to help.

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