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Thread: This Saturday: Rotterdam Aviation Fair plus Broussard F-GIBN!

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    This Saturday: Rotterdam Aviation Fair plus Broussard F-GIBN!


    For those living not too far from Rotterdam Airport...

    Max Holste MH 1521 Broussard F-GIBN s/n 261 can during the free platformtours (which ride only THIS Saturday!) be photographed "airside"! The sightseeing bus will stop at the Foxtrot general aviation platform where people will be able to step out of the bus.

    The owners of this aircraft have a website, click at .

    The platformtours will be held on the occasion of the free-entrance Aviation Fair/Luchtvaartbeurs that will be held this Saturday.
    See for more information concerning this event!
    And no, this event cannot be taken for granted, each year it is becoming harder to organise .
    Culprits? Ever increasing Safety and Security rules and regulations...

    "FREE entrance FREE parking FREE photo platformtours

    Dutch Spotters Convention
    19 April 2008 10.00 - 16.00 Rotterdam Airport

    On Saturday 19 April 2008 Airnieuws Nederland and Dutch Aviation Society will organise an aviation convention again. This gathering of aviation enthusiasts first took place in 1996 and is known as the Dutch Spotters Convention (DSC). For years it has been the place in the Netherlands to trade, sell or exchange all kinds of aviation related collectables.

    Like the previous years the aviation convention will be held in the terminal of Rotterdam Airport. In the airport building dozens of booths will be put up with books, magazines, DVDs/CDs, slides, photos, videos, postcards, aircraft models and many other aviation related collectables. Also other aviation societies and aviation companies will be present.

    In addition - to be confirmed – photo bus tours over the apron and runway of the airport will be organised to show the visitor a view 'behind the scenes'.

    Also KammAir will provide the opportunity to enjoy aviation from the air. The company offers aerial tours with her Gippsland Airvan over the western part of the Netherlands and plans to fly overhead Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at a low altitude. The tours last about 45 minutes and can be booked via .
    It is now also possible to book the flights on the day itself in the airport terminal!

    Meanwhile the airport restaurant is an excellent location to relax from all the activities and socialise with friends and fellow enthusiasts, enjoying a cup of coffee and/or a sandwich.

    So there is much to do for aviation enthusiasts and therefore Rotterdam Airport, Airnieuws Nederland and Dutch Aviation Society invite everyone to come to Rotterdam Airport on Saturday 19 April 2008!

    Rotterdam Airport can be reached by motorway A13. Visitors of the convention will be offered free parking on parking lots P1 and P3 (long term parking). You can exchange your parking card for a free exit card at the Airnieuws booth. The offer does not apply to other parking lots. For driving directions see .

    The airport can be reached by BUS 33 from Rotterdam Central Station. Travelling time is about 20-25 minutes. Also see .
    Timetable bus: .
    Website Dutch Railways in English: .

    Admittance to the Dutch Spotters Convention is free! The convention is from 10.00 to 16.00 hours.
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    Okay, according to it is now no longer possible to reserve a flight via their website.

    BUT : if you turn up on the day itself and go to their table/stand you will still be able to book a flight! Dutch readers: they even have a "PIN-automaat", but I guess Kammair will also accept banknotes.
    If demand is high extra flights can be arranged.

    Air Traffic Control at Amsterdam Airport has repeatedly stated, also this week, that they do not have any problem letting the Gippsland Airvan fly over the airport. Of course as long as the operational situation of that particular moment does not dictate otherwise but I guess this is normal...

    The text in full:

    "19 april a.s. Rondvluchten bij de Dutch Spotters Convention.

    Een spottersvlucht van plm 40 minuten brengt je vanaf Rotterdam dwars over Schiphol Airport. Zie de Jumbo's onder je starten! En leg ze vast! Kosten 75 euro per persoon all-in. Boeken via de website kan nu niet meer. Er zijn nog wel plaatsen beschikbaar. Die kunt u a.s. zaterdag boeken bij onze stand op de Spotters Convention in Rotterdam. We verwelkomen u graag."

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