This is only indirectly related to aviation so please move if appropriate mods.

I know that a person from within the EU can own upto 100% of an business such as an airline, but a person who is not from the EU may not own in excess of 49% of an EU business.

In the US I know that all planes must be crewed by Americans (I think) and no person from outside North America (perhaps just the US) may own over 25% of a business and no-non US airline can fly domestically.

What I was wondering was if anyone could clarify my sketch claims above and provided me with similar facts for other countries - I'm particularly looking at Canada as I have not been able to find the Canadian CAA's name and hence website,

What I'm basically looking for is the following points to make it easy:

- Maximum percentage of a company a British (or non-national person for that matter) can own in a business
- Can an EU registered airline fly in that country

All help would be overwhelmingly appreciated - even if its just the name of the Canadian Aviation Authority,