Due to an attic clear out, this lot of books is up for sale, I do not want silly money for them just a good home. If anyone is interested in them all or individually just PM me to discuss an offer. All the books are in good condition and I am happy to give more information and email photos of them to any one interested. These books will find their way onto Ebay later this week, following that they will have to be given to a charity shop or chucked in the bin etc…
All postage cost will have to be paid for by whoever buys any of these books.


Flying, Henry Sutton
Dreamland, Dale Brown
No Escape Zone, Nick Richardson
Tornado Down, John Nichol & John Peters
Team Tornado, John Nichol & John Peters
Point of Impact, John Nichol
Exclusion Zone, John Nichol
Vanishing Point, John Nichol
Flight of the Intruder, Steven Coonts
Final Flight, Steven Coonts
The Minotaur, Steven Coonts
Under Siege, Steven Coonts
The Intruders, Steven Coonts
The Red Horseman, Steven Coonts
Firefox Down, Craig Thomas
Red Storm Rising, Tom Clancy
633 Squadron, Frederick E Smith
The Big Show, Pierre Closterman


The History of Soviet Aircraft from 1918, Vaclav Nemecek
Airforce Blunders, Geoffrey Regan
German Aircraft of WWII in colour, Kenneth Munson
Supersonic Fighter Development, Roy Braybrook
Classic Aircraft Bombers, Bill Gunston
Classic Aircraft Fighters, Bill Gunston
Modern Soviet Aircraft, Bill Gunston
Modern US Aircraft, Bill Gunston
Military Aircraft, Michael Taylor
Jet Bombers, Michael Taylor
The Airborne Soldier, John Weeks
Bolton Paul Aircraft since 1915, Alec Brew
Aviation Ghosts, Kevin Desmond

Regards Plazz