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Thread: London trip and some :-( pictures

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    London trip and some :-( pictures

    Hello, as announced, I had to jump out of my bed at 4 am this morning , I ate something and went with my parents to Charleroi for a day to London. We were quite late at the airport and I could not get a seat at the window. The aircraft was EI-CSI, te one with the Frankfurt Hahn titles. I must stay I was statisfied about Ryanair's legroom; In Sobelair, even if you sit straight, a bigger adult sits with it's knees to the chair in front of it; We had 4 centimeters more here I think. The seats were also good; the cabin crew NO GOOD! We bought tickets for Stansted express on board and then went to London.

    Here we were, thanks to the time difference, at 7.45 am at Liverpool Street station. We then walked about five kilometers to oxford street and had a snack at the virgin shop, we wandered over oxford street but didnt buy a lot, I had a look in Hamleys as well, took some pictures of Hello Kitty for my sister (she's 22, yes two times 2) and then went for a meal somewhere at Piccadilly. We had a look at Harrods and bought some things and then took a cab to the station. The train trip took a bit more than an hour; it wasnt an express service; and arrived well on time at Stansted for the checkin.
    Boarding a ryanair plane is a total mess! Everyone comes forward priority card or not and then pushes the gate staff away; untill one screamed CHILDREN ONLY FIRST!!! even then the parents with children could squueze themselves trough (including me boarded) and then everyone ran trough some had their boarding pass untorned! The aircraft was again OO-CSI and took a seat at the window; I swore I was going to fight for it if I hadn't got one" and took a movie of the takeoff; altough it is mostly sound because it was dark yet (20.40 pm). ATC could only give us 1000 feet increments, i felt it myself and I saw the airspace was crowded: flashing lights everywhere. Before takeoff, I saw that the edge of engine 2 was damaged by a ground vehicle. They repaired it quite cheap and un-aerodynamically. Tha landing was err, a bit shocking because the REVERSERS WERE NOT USED! The brakes made a small noise and after boarding a pilot immediately went for having a look at the wheels. We used whole up of the runway. What can be the cause of this?
    Nice trip, I'm sure it's not the last time I travel with Ryanair (as this was the first time anad also the first time on a 738.

    If you are interested in a movie you can contact me via MSN Messenger on


    All pictures are too big for posting

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    Oops it was yesterday morning!

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