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Thread: Dakota 3-Point Take Off

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    Dakota 3-Point Take Off

    A couple of days ago, I was watching the 1968 film "Suicide Commandos". At the end of the film, a group of soldiers were evacuated from a field in a DC-3/C-53. For the whole of the take off run, he kept the tail down, and lifted off in a three point attitude. In fact, the main wheels lifted before the tail. I've seen this 3-point take off technique in the wartime B-17 Fortress pilot training film, but it's the first time I've seen a Dak do it. It surprised me as the Dak seems to sit at quite a high angle of attack, unlike the B-17 at only about 10 degrees.

    Was this 3-point take off part of the Dak's official take off technique?

    The pictures are photos of the TV screen to show the take off sequence.
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    I can't say that I'm a Dakota expert but on several taildraggers the technique you describe is a normal procedure on a soft field. Keep the stick back (or at least the nose high) until you lift off in ground effect and accellerate before climbing away.

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