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Thread: BOB 2018

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    BOB Film 2018

    Hi All,
    With the recent successful 'Dunkirk' film having some rave reviews I thought I would start this thread as someone had mentioned 'Ridley Scott' being involved with a BoB remake on the 'Dunkirk' thread. It was the image below courtesy of That took me to the BoB 2018 Facebook page, looks like HAC are throwing their hat in the ring already Whatever the outcome I wish them all well if this actually crosses the finish line as so many projects start with good intentions only to fall at the final hurdle sadly, anyway fingers crossed.....

    Facebook page dedicated to the film makes for interesting reading and who knows with the success of 'Dunkirk' who knows we could possibly have a flurry of 'Hollywood' backed war movies either remakes or new based on factual rather than the smaller independent films that have been the mainstay of recent WWll films....

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page for all the posts and timeline since the announcement (Apologies if Facebook page already posted elsewhere)

    BoB 2018 Facebook:-

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