Since it was formed in 1947 the United States Air Force has been
involved in a myriad of missions and achieved many notable firsts.

USAF at 70 - Seven Decades of the United States Air Force is a 100-page special
publication marking the seventieth anniversary of one of the world's foremost air arms


F-82 Twin Mustangs over Korea
Warren Thompson discusses the role of the legendary night fighter and looks at the USAF's first aerial kills

Operation Baby Lift
One of the USAF's most famous humanitarian missions saw more than 10,000 babies and infants evacuated from Vietnam in a matter of days

The USAF's display team has flown a variety of jet fighters and trainers. Steve Bridgewater looks at the history of one of the world's best loved formation teams.

Flying the Aardvark

We learn what it was it like to fly the swing-wing, supersonic attack bomber from British bases during the height of the Cold War

Bear Hunting Raptors

Dr Dave Sloggett discusses the recent increase in Tu-95 Bear probing flights in the airspace around Alaska and the USAF F-22 Raptor's role in defending the frozen north.

PLUS - American Air Museum in Britain, the USAF's Heavy Lifters, Electronic Warfare in Europe, Special Ops, the history of the USAF Bomber, Operation Eagle Claw and much more.

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