The Dieppe Raid: 75th Anniversary

Marking the 75th anniversary of the infamous Dieppe raid, ‘Operation Jubilee’, we bring our readers twenty-nine pages of special content examining the background of the raid, the naval element, the involvement of tanks and the invaluable participation of the RAF. Additionally, we examine the response of the Luftwaffe and look at the raid’s VC and gallantry awards.

Bolt From The Blue
The dramatic story behind the loss of a Messerschmitt 110 in an air battle above the seaside town of Eastbourne during the Battle of Britain, and its effect on the town’s residents, is recounted by Andy Saunders.

Valour And A Mysterious Vanishing
A remarkable tale from the Great War of incredible courage on the North Sea displayed by the master and crew of a little ‘Q’ ship as it battled the U-Boat menace, and the award of a VC, is told in gripping detail by Mick Brooks.

Merlin Magic

The Merlin helicopter fleet had a relatively short life with the RAF before transfer of all the aircraft to the Royal Navy. Much of the helicopter’s service with the Royal Air Force, however, was seen on comparatively recent operational duties, as Guy Warner explains.

A Cold Reception
The occupation of Iceland by British forces during the spring of 1940 in ‘Operation Fork’ is one of the forgotten chapters of the Second World War. Regular contributor Alex Bowers shines a spotlight on this little-known operation which secured the country against possible Axis use.

Gallipoli's Wooden Horse
Britain at War’s regular contributor, Steve Snelling, tells the remarkable tale of the SS River Clyde and the supremely heroic efforts of those on board, including a Royal Navy armoured car unit, during the ill-fated Gallipoli landings.

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