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Thread: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mindless vandalism strikes again those who can least afford it.

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    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Mindless vandalism strikes again those who can least afford it.

    On a good note

    Just seen the report on the Local (Look North from Newcastle) BBC news and apparently the cleaners found 5 of them asleep in the carriages when they went in this morning .
    There is also a rumour they posted pictures of themselves on social media (not the brightest.....) doing the deed .
    At least the appeal is going well , over 220 donations the last time i looked , good to see there is still a lot of good in the world !

    And I agree with

    They should be given open-ended community orders and assigned to restoring the damage and not discharged until it's finished ... but that won't happen of course ...

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    Hi All,
    The only trouble with the community orders are:- These days the YOOF!! think they are a joke, many do not attend even if threatened with
    imprisonment when they don't. On top of that they see imprisonment as a badge of honour

    I know from personal experience about 20yr's ago how some of these retards mind set works suffice to say he who threatened me with the words
    'I've been to prison you know' expecting me to I don't know what... What hope is there for society when imprisonment is a joke with many
    preferring it to the life outside, very sad...


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    In limbo between Northamptonshire and Yorkshire
    In response Perhaos you might have observed he was stupid enough to get caught! 😉

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