The Making of Dunkirk

In a Britain at War EXCLUSIVE, regular contributor and historian Joshua Levine reveals a behind-the-scenes account of the making of Christopher Nolan’s new epic film, Dunkirk, and his work as the film’s historical advisor.

"Where's the Bloody RAF?"
Britain at War contributor, Norman Franks, answers the oft quoted exclamation frequently heard uttered by battle-weary and beleaguered members of the BEF on the ground, and explains how the RAF did its upmost to defend them.

Reputations: Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay
John Ash analyses the career of the hero of Dunkirk and forgotten Normandy Invasion planner and architect, Admiral Ramsay.


Alamein’s Escape to Glory

Steve Snelling highlights the epic bravery of a New Zealand Sergeant who turned defeat into victory after a British attack goes horribly wrong during the first Battle of El Alamein.

First World War Nurse’s Autograph Book
In this poignant feature, Sandra Taylor explores the stories of some of the wounded men who signed a nurse’s autograph book.

My Falklands: An Observer’s Diary
In an exclusive to Britain at War, an anonymous MOD ‘minder’ recounts his campaign in the South Atlantic where, as a civilian working alongside British troops and the press, he experienced first-hand humour and horror as the war erupted around them.


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