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Thread: Boom Supersonic unveils XB-1 Demonstrator

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    Boom Supersonic unveils XB-1 Demonstrator

    Yesterday, on 20. Jun 2017, Boom Supersonic unveiled the completed design of their XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator. The new design was revealed along with the new business milestones. Boom has orders for 76 aircraft thus far, across five airline customers. The reveal, during the International Paris Air Show, showed modifications that improve stability, aircraft performance and safety for a plane that is expected to hit speeds of Mach 2,2, / 1.451 mph / 2.330 kph.

    Boom Supersonic has said initial test flights for its "Baby Boom" should begin by the end of 2018, with both subsonic and supersonic tests taking place in the US. Supersonic flight tests will be conducted near Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, in partnership with Virgin Galactic's The Spaceship Company.

    The aircraft which in its core design will carry maximum of 55 passengers in business class, now has an option for 30 first class seats and 15 in business class.

    ...just click on the images below...





    The Boom XB-1 is powered by three J85-GE-21 non-afterburning turbojet engines (inlet diameter: 16,0 in / 406,4 mm; engine architecture: 9HPC2HPT), OPR: 8,3:1, each rated at 15,57 kN / 1.588 kgf / 3.500 lbf dry, fed by three variable geometry supersonic intakes. Each engine has a variable geometry nozzle system. While the XB-1 uses a compact turbojet engine, the production airliner will have a medium-bypass turbofan engines for additional quiet and efficiency.



    An intricately-shaped variable geometry inlet uses shockwaves to compress oncoming Mach 2,2 air, efficiently slowing to the ideal subsonic speed for the engine. Digitally-controlled movable surfaces precisely position shock waves to achieve ideal compression at a wide range of speeds and flight conditions, while blow-in doors provide extra airflow for takeoff.


    Boom Supersonic expects a prototype of its passenger plane to make its first test flight by the end of 2018.
    Subsonic and supersonic tests will take place in the US. If the full-size 55-seat plane is then approved, the first passengers could be travelling at supersonic speeds across the Atlantic by 2023...


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