It’s a long time since I tried the Sony Clear Image Zoom function (a digital sensor crop which then creates new pixels to enlarge the image back to full size) but curiosity was getting the better of me again. Had the ‘By Pixel Super Resolution Technology’, to give it its official designation, improved over the years as it wasn’t very good on a crop sensor as it hasn’t exactly worked as advertised on the tin 'Allows you to enlarge the image with close to the original image quality when shooting still images'. It has at times looked a bit digital, which is what it is, with a bit of visible pixelation around the edges. What would it look like using 35mm prime lens on a 42mp full frame sensor?. These were all taken at 2x zoom (equivalent to 70mm lens) and to give the in-camera software a good workout at creating new pixels I was going for intricate shapes, details and colours rather than planes, trains and automobiles which have smooth contours and regular colours. Yes I know I can crop heavily with a 42mp sensor but that is not the object of the exercise which is to see how good the digital zoom is now. In the order taken over several visits to London.

The 2x zoom Jpeg image in Camera Raw with crop of 2x zoom below.

Camera Used ~ Sony Cyber-shot RX1R II