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Thread: Cockpit fest pictures?

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    Cockpit fest pictures?

    My yearly ask as someone who doesn't live in the UK.. Can some kind soul please post pictures of all those wonderful projects at this years fest?
    Magister Aviation

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    Thumbs up Someone who does, but couldn't make it again this year.

    Yes!! What a good suggestion Fouga.

    Bill T.

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    With the way the forum is working for me at present the best I can do is point you towards the new gallery on the museum website, here's the link

    Nothing of great detail I'm afraid!
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    Woz thinkin' of ya Bill! I'd like to but I used up my pic allocation ages ago, will post on FB instead soonest, will also send you some by e-mail. Scorching weather, hottest I can remember, had to stay in a bit on Sunday, bottom of legs were getting stung walking around in the sun. Inside the hangar the model makers had some great examples including some for sale, got myself a lovely Harrier GR1 to go with my Falklands 35th display. Mike Esky did another great powered display, a new older exhibitor had some fine models and history of RAF launches/fast boats too, some of them working examples. A Falklands flying suit with the name patch of Dave Foulger, described as one of the 'greats' of AAR in a publication I read before the show, was also admired including its 55 Sqn Crest and '55 Tankers' patches.

    Another striking 'Rusky' helmet display and related themed items from A&T Heathcote impressed as ever, as did the lady who won one of the prizes with the land army displays and seems to have expanded her displays by at least a third this year, really impressive. Scott Bouchard's 'Chariots of Fire' idea had visitors listening to the song over helmet headphones just as the XM607 crew would have heard it after the bombing of the runway. Good to see Bill back too as a visitor, who also tried the cloth helmet on to listen to the music.

    Dominie was well fitted out inside with lovely livery, in the heat I wondered if some of the decals might peel off some of the cockpits! Sea King looked very striking being such a large lump and has an impressive new door fitted already, one to look out for at future shows on its internal restoration. Phantom colour scheme was a very nice change and the Scimitar looks as impressive as ever. Beginnings of an Auster will grow by next year too and the 2 well-finished Slingsby Cadet glider cockpits from Aeroventure were unexpected arrivals along with an impressive wheels-on Chippy fuselage.

    Back in the hangar the 'walk-in' Sea Hawk cockpit has grown a bit too while the related control column displays with it were as impressive as ever, including a few new items including the tilt-rotor U.S. thingy that i don't have time to look up. We were the last to leave at 5.00pm as ever and hope Mike Esky got home OK with the fin on his roof! Osprey! (tilt-rotor).
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    I didn't take nearly enough photos of an excellent but Sooo hot weekend. Thanks to the organisers for doing such a splendid job under such taxing conditions. An unusual highlight was a bit of show and tell action on the grip and yoke display stand. We were treated to a very interesting Victor yoke with a dedicated RATO switch (Thanks Jon) and a real Falklands veteran Pucara grip. A pleasure to see, difficult to hand back... Will post pics when I'm back from work, won't let me here.

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    Thanks for the overview GOKONE

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