Black Buck Vulcans to Stanley

At the end of its career as bomber, the Vulcan was called upon to finally go into action in the far-distant South Atlantic. Providing invaluable support, as we explain; the Victor tankers.

The Battle of Port San Carlos
Falklands veteran and former Intelligence Officer, Nick Van Der Bijl, reveals to Britain at War the inside story behind the landings at San Carlos thirty-five years ago.

Italy’s Colditz
John Ash explores the immense efforts undertaken by many British senior officers in their bids to escape from Vincigliata Castle, Italy’s ‘Colditz’.

‘Watch Out! Watch Out! Missile, Missile…!’

In this objective piece, Argentinian author, Claudio Meunier, pays tribute to the skilled and heroic pilots who tried to defend the ‘Malvinas’, as well as those who fought against them, in an enlightening perspective from ‘the other side’.

Chipmunks over Olympus
The diminutive Chipmunk trainer, well known for its primary role, played a brief but important and unlikely part in the battling of EOKA guerrillas in Cyprus, as Andrew Thomas describes.

Hillman: Storming the D-Day Fortress
Steve Snelling charts a saga of courage and sacrifice as British troops battle to capture the toughest set of German defences on the road to Caen; a strongpoint codenamed ‘Hillman’.


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