Lightnings at Lakenheath

The US Air Force said it planned to make a first international operational deployment with its F-35As in 2017, and in April eight aircraft from Hill AFB, Utah, arrived at RAF Lakenheath, UK, to make that a reality. AFM’s Thomas Newdick details this landmark overseas exercise.

Watching Russia watching us
Tim Ripley examines the secretive world of RAF and USAF spy flights around Russia’s western borders.

Syrian Arab Air Force

In the wake of the first US military action directed specifically at the regime of Bashar al-Assad, Tom Cooper lifts the veil, at least partially, of secrecy and mystery surrounding the Syrian Arab Air Force and its declining capability.

Three decades of Turkish Vipers
The Turkish Air Force celebrates its 30th anniversary as an F-16 ‘Viper’ operator later this year. Since its first aircraft were delivered in October 1987, the fleet has grown into the third largest after those of the US and Israel, as Alan Warnes explains.

Chariots of fire

The latest Iniohos exercise featured an increased number of participants drawn from four air arms. Amit Agronov reports from Andravida air base, Greece.

Italian Tornado force
Ghedi air base is home to 6º Stormo ‘Alfredo Fusco’. Since the disbandment of 50º Stormo, and 155º Gruppo’s return to 6º Stormo, the base has become home to all of Italy’s Tornado squadrons. Niels Roman, Roy van Sonsbeek and Robin Coenders report.


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