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Thread: S.I.S ??

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    S.I.S ??

    I recently acquired some drawings of various G45 gun cameras and mounts and variants and was wondering what the S.I.S stands for ??

    Serious replies only please

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is a guess - assuming that every piece of equipment would have needed at least one or a series of technical drawings to be made prior to being produced and that all of those would have been centrally stored, it would be logical that each piece of equipment/set would be allocated an Index number and that all equipment drawings would be found via reference to a card or filing cabinet index. So perhaps S.I.S. refers to 'Sheet Indexing System'?

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    Ok thanks, sounds reasonable.

    I was thinking along the lines of "specification info/index? sheet" ??

    some more reference pics of other related sheets if helps, I missed out on these.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Service Installation Schedule? They look like lists of items required for service installation of modifications or alterations. I note that they include the mod number & approval by committee date. I've not come across that before as I was usually involved in Alteration leaflets, which have the items listed and/or drawings required. SRIMs (I think Service Radio Installation Modification) would be similar to alteration leaflets, but a 'full blown' modification could need that type of listing.

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    Example of the type of drawings

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The definition of S.I.S. is Standard Instruction Sheet, as found in a volume of Standardisation Design Memoranda.

    The SDM initiative seems to have been an ongoing attempt to produce a definitive list of standardised equipment, to be incorporated in all new and future designs, i.e. to eliminate a profusion of different bits of equipment, all capable of doing much the same job.

    Whether the S.I.S. is part of this initiative or whether it pre-dated it I cannot say.
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    Thank you Air Ministry, appreciate the feedback as with others who replied, gives a better understanding of the use of the drawings.

    Two sheets in particular caught my eye depicting both the Williamson dummy and original Vickers K guns with G45B camera variations fitted as listed in the equipment schedule above with others.
    Possibly used with our FN11 turret as it was fitted with a camera circuit.

    Will be scanning these for future reference asap as the originals are quite fragile.

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