Although 1,358 Victoria Cross (VC) medals have been received by members of the British armed forced for
“gallantry in the face of the enemy” just 51 of them have been awarded to aviators.

Valour in the Air is the story of these brave airmen - ranging from the pioneering Royal Flying Corps pilots
of the Great War to the bomber, fighter, transport and coastal command crews of World War Two.

This 116-page bookazine reveals the background story of each pilot, navigator, bomb aimer, air gunner or wireless
operator along with the heartrending tales of the specific missions that earned them the highest award of the British honours system.

Extensive research, rare archive images and specially commissioned colour artwork combine to bring a
comprehensive salute to some of the greatest pilots ever take to the skies.


William Rhodes Moorhouse

Great War VCs

Donald Garland & Thomas Gray

Roderick Learoyd

'James’ Nicolson

John Hannah

Kenneth Campbell


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