Bushmasters’ Boss

Doug Gordon speaks with retired Colonel Bill Rial about his time commanding the A-10-equipped 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron Bushmasters at RAF Woodbridge.

‘Warthog’ Fights On
The USAF has been trying to retire the A-10 – but the ‘Warthog’ has had a great deal of support from the elected officials who control the defence budget. Tom Kaminski reviews the debate so far.

Indiana’s Blacksnakes
Tom Kaminski reports on the Indiana ANG’s 163rd FS/122nd FW which re-equipped with the A-10 in 2010.

Desert Storm A-10 Operations
‘Tankbuster’, ‘Warthog’ or just plain ‘Hog’. Call it what you will, the A-10 lived up to its rough and rugged nicknames in the first Gulf War, as Dr Kevin Wright explains.

Avalon 2017 Breaks Records
Nigel Pittaway reports from Australia’s biggest airshow where there was an impressive gathering of military aircraft and an array of other types to entertain the big crowds.

Aurigny: Channels its Focus
Island life may sound idyllic but it can present its challenges, as Bernie Baldwin discovered when he interviewed Aurigny Air Services’ CEO Mark Darby.

‘Growlers’ on the Prowl: RAF Maritime Shackletons
The different variants and operational service of the RAF’s maritime Shackletons are detailed by Dr Kevin Wright.

De Havilland Dove: A Post War Success Story
Doves have been swooping across the world’s skies for seven decades. Charles Woodley examines this British airliner.


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