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Thread: Why I stopped flying...

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    Why I stopped flying...

    Hello guys once more. Maybe none of you may remember me. But a long time ago, around 3 years, I was sharing and posting my educational/procedural flight instruction videos here on KeyPublishing Forum.

    I was very commited to keep on making great content for you all, but everything went wrong. A lot has happened during this absence.

    Most of us are born with "wings" made to fly, we shed tears, blood and we sweat love and passion for aviation. But unfortunately for me I stopped flying.

    I'm once more sharing with you my experiences throught this years. Maybe some can identify, others not. In aviation it seems everything is beautiful or perfect, but it's not.

    It's my first time speaking directly to the camera and I'm not very used to public speaking but by sharing my emotions and feelings I can say that in a strange kinda way it helps me getting this weight of my shoulders.

    Lets share our experiences. What about you? If you were flying and needed to stop why did you have to?

    Anyway I hope you all can relate and enjoy my video as usual.

    I salute you all my Captains, Over and Out.

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    Try Oprah Winfrey !

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Green View Post
    Try Oprah Winfrey !
    First of all John, thank you for your reply. I completely understand your opinion about my post, but despite sounding a bit cheesy, it is what it is, the cold naked truth.

    What lead to this was a successive of very unfortunate events and I think I'm not the only one out here that has gone through this kind of hardships.

    Don't give me anymore ideas, because I might follow them through.

    I salute you John! Over and Out!

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    You are not alone. I also did flying, completed by commercial pilot training. Unfortunately, for 7 years now I have not flown a minute.

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    I have enjoyed your films

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