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Thread: Clear-air turbulence increases by 59% - Share your opinion

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    Clear-air turbulence increases by 59% - Share your opinion

    Increased light, moderate, and severe clear-air turbulence in response to climate change

    the ensembleaverage airspace volume containing light clear-air turbulence increases by 59% (with an intra-ensemble range of 43%–68%), light-to-moderate by 75% (39%–96%), moderate by 94% (37%–118%), moderate-to-severe by 127% (30%–170%), and severe by 149% (36%–188%). These results suggest that the prevalence of transatlantic wintertime clear-air turbulence will increase significantly in all aviation-relevant strength categories as the climate changes.
    Dear readers and co-forumer, we have mentioned this fact around the A320 crash in the Malaysian straight and this was an argument developed in the Stuntman thread. Now that we have a scientific study adding stats to our discussion, we wight re-open the debate around this without being taxed of being irrelevant or without context.

    If you fly, have flown or feel like the discomfort endured as a passenger during oversea flight have increased, you might be interested to share your opinion here regarding this ascertained trend. This is not a public debate around climate change. We will restrain us here to discuss only the expected influenced changes on aviation.

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