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Thread: First Flight for Airbus A319neo

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    First Flight for Airbus A319neo

    No doubt it will be seen at many other airports on proving flights before too long...

    Stop press! - The Boeing 787-10 also made its first flight later in the day - but can't change the thread title!
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    The first Airbus A319neo flying prototype, MSN 6464, test reg. D-AVWA, performed its maiden flight on 31. Mar 2017. The smallest member of the Airbus A320neo family was supposed to be of the type Airbus A319-171N, powered by two PW1124G-JM geared turbofans (fan diameter: 2.057,4 mm / 81,0 in; BPR: 12,5:1; eng. architecture: F]G[3LPC–8HPC2HPT–3LPT), each 107,82 kN / 10.995 kgf / 24.240 lbf, however MSN 6464 has accomplished its first flight as the type Airbus A319-151N, powered by two LEAP-1A24 twin-shaft turbofans (fan diameter: 1.981,2 mm / 78,0 in; BPR: 11,0:1; eng. architecture: F+3LPC–10HPC2HPT–7LPT), OPR: 43,68:1; each 106,80 kN / 10.891 kgf / 24.010 lbf. The aircraft took off from Hamburg and landed in Toulouse after a five-hour flight. It will be based in Toulouse in order to complete its flight test program.

    The next two images are also the links to their original sources...



    Since it has appeared the tweet from the that the A320neo family test fleet is now complete, it seems that Airbus will do the test flights of the A319neo aircraft with one test frame only. From this, it is clear that at some stage of testing, the current engines will be replaced with those Pratt & Whitney´s. The other Airbus A319neo frame, MSN6620, test reg. D-AVYW, is currently stored. This could be an indication that those first delivered A319neo aircraft will be powered by engines…

    The image is link to the tweet...


    • The list of the aircraft that were serving or still serve as the test aircraft of the Airbus A320neo aircraft family:



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