Tiger! Tiger!

Tony Clay describes the Lightning F.3 and its time with the RAF’s famous ‘Tigers’, 74 Squadron.

Lightning pioneers
The P.1 series of experimental jets paved the way for the Lightning. Tony Buttler reflects on the aircraft’s origins.

Ian Black explains how the English Electric jet came to be fitted with cannon, and what it was like to actually press the firing button.

Reaping the Whirlwind

Our Spotlight section profiles another, very different British aircraft, the World War Two-era Westland Whirlwind fighter. This somewhat maligned aircraft could have gone on to achieve great things had it not been hindered by unreliable engines. We take a dip into the Whirlwind archive.

Vulcan – what next?
An exclusive interview with Vulcan to the Sky Trust boss Dr Robert Pleming, as he reveals future plans for XH558 and other aircraft at Doncaster.

B-25 Mitchell
One of the most famous US twin-engined bombers of the war, we take a look at some of its operations, and present a list of airworthy survivors.


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