Who Killed Michael Wittmann?

In our lead story this month, military historian Lt. Col. Brian Reid (retd) analyses an engagement which took place near St Aignan de Cramesnil, and, looking at the evidence and alternative claims, offers his interpretation of who killed Tiger tank ‘ace’ Michael Wittmann.

Tiger 131
In the first of his features this issue, John Ash looks at the first encounters with Tiger tanks and the clashes leading up to the capture of Tiger 131 – the world’s last remaining operable Tiger tank.

The Cult of the ‘Tiger Ace’
In the second of his features, John Ash explores the phenomena of ‘tank aces’ and asks if the frenzied and much told stories of such tanking legends is justified.

Lawrence of Arabia’s Bullet

Mark Khan analyses three landmark battlefield archaeological finds, including the supposed discovery of a bullet fired by Lawrence of Arabia, and shows how the conclusions originally asserted are not all they seem.

Churchill’s Messerschmitt
Andy Saunders discovers the fate of a pilot shot down in the Battle of Britain, whose demise was witnessed by then Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

The Scourge of 20 Squadron
In the second of his pieces for Britain at War this issue, Chris Goss highlights the story of the German Ace who scored seven of his 20 victories against one unfortunate RFC squadron in 1917.


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