737 To The MAX

Bruce Hales-Dutton examines the Boeing 737 MAX family of airliners.

The RAF’s Poseidon Adventure
In an exclusive interview, Air Commodore Ian Gale, head of the RAF’s P-8A Poseidon programme, told Aviation News Editor Dino Carrara about the service’s plans for its new maritime patrol aircraft.

Southwest Airlines and the 737: An Ongoing Romance
Charles Kennedy details the low-cost carrier’s love affair with the Boeing twin-jet airliner.

Britannia Airways’ Baby Boeings
Bob O’Brien explains how Britannia Airways’ fleet of ‘baby Boeings’ helped grow this UK holiday airline.

F28 Fellowship: Fokker’s First Jetliner
The F28 Fellowship was envisaged as a jet successor to Fokker’s highly successful turboprop F27 Friendship. Charles Woodley traces the type’s history.

The Brooklands Concorde: Keeping the Concorde Dream Alive
Bruce Hales-Dutton details the activities and events that Brooklands Museum hosts in relation to its Concorde.

Swedish Sensation
David Willis chronicles the Gripen’s development, and outlines current and potential customers.

Douglas C-133: Master of Cargo
Bob Archer describes an aircraft that played an important role supporting American military missions.


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