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Thread: US CAS rethinking going on

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpudmanWP View Post
    You are comparing a pre-contest & pre-contract "JSF" estimation of the lifetime average cost to an LRIP cost.
    I'm comparing the price that was originally promised to the price it costs today
    that price might go down. or maybe it'll go the way of the F-22, the F-111, the B-1, the B-2... and be more expensive and in lower numbers than promised
    not that it matters, even if they can keep down the cost, they're still selling overpriced cr*p that will be outdated by the time it becomes operational

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    Early pre-contract prices were estimations, not "promises" and reflect a completely different Baseline Year [BY] (=inflation adjusted year).

    Most people only quote the "cost" without stating the the BY.

    Btw, it's only "overpriced" if it's somehow not worth the new price. The recent Red Flag has put that argument to bed. Don't get me wrong, they blew the contracted cost but the DoD & Partners are still satisfied with it at it's current price curve.

    As far as "outdated" (no longer useful or acceptable : not modern or current), please tell me how that applies to the plane as a whole?
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