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Thread: Problem with Key Publishing web store

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    Unhappy Problem with Key Publishing web store

    I'm posting this here because this seemed to be the most appropriate forum.

    I'm having a problem buying Airfix Modelworld back issues from Key Publishing at the checkout/payment stage. I enter all the information from my credit card, but then repeatedly get this error message: "The value specified in field Expiry Date must be exactly 4 characters in length." I'm using the pull-down menus to select the Expiry Date of my credit card, and the only possibilities are 2 digits for the month and 2 digits for the year, for a total of 4 digits! What is going on here?

    It also asks for a "Start Date" for my credit card, but the cards issued by my bank carry no such date. They are activated by the card holder by telephone upon receipt. Could this be the source of the problem? I've bought back issues before in this manner but never had this problem until now.

    I've emailed Key Publishing but have yet to hear from them. I also emailed Pay360 by Capita about the problem, but they referred me to Key Publishing!
    Michael McMurtrey
    Carrollton, TX

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    Hi Michael,

    I'll look into this for you tomorrow.


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