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Thread: RuAF News and development Thread part 15

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    To Havarlaa:

    I do not support neither of the two propositions.

    My humble opinion is that Mig-29 found itself outclassed in the changing 90ies operational environment.

    Obviously, VVS was right in those dire times to keep whatever was flying and not totay obsolete.

    The point is not if the project was a failure, obviously it was not, and not if VVS was wrong keeping it in its inventory.

    The point is if tomorrow it would have sense to invest in it (i.e. purchasing new airframes), and if it has any real chance on the export market of tomorrow.

    The first point, IMHO is moot: the operating costs are not so cheaper than those of the Flanker family, so keep buying whatever version of the Flankers and quietely phase-out the Mig.

    The second point has been answered by the market itself: everybody and his aunt are choosing more and more Sukhois,, and less and less Migs.

    And that's a fact.

    Nor I'msuggesting to develop a new single engined fighter: I'm suggesting just that, if Mig-29 would have been designed from day zero with different and more flexible performances in mind, and possibly single engined, it could have offered some real cost savings along with better performances, and securing this way more interests in the export markets.

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    Well it is that cheap because of ruble-dollar value. Probably more useful to see how much it was pre-devaluation (if you really want to use dollars), plus unit prices don't mean that much. Every Russian plane the VKS was buying was in the magic 30-38 million USD range, it is just how they structure contracts. Doesn't include other gov assistance to the plant.

    Irkut's plan was to phase out Flanker production by 2020. Not sure if it will still happen, but I don't see MOD ordering more than a dozen-two dozen more air-frames for AF, and a couple dozen for VMF. There are some foreign contracts to finish out between then and now as well. I'd venture a guess post 2020 MOD will order another 48-56 Su-35s from Knaaz.

    Pristine Su-34 from NAPO, with the extra fence on the pods that Berkut mentioned:

    And looks like the bort that flipped:


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    Oct 2010


    But then again most of the "light" single engine market is either:
    -Out of Russia's reach- in other word, NATO/affiliated captured, where politically it would have a hard time to go against F-16 or the few Gripen leases that happened.
    -Taken by super cheap Chinese MiG-21 knockoffs and the like
    -Went ahead and coughed up for cheaper Flanker variants in any case

    I don't think that giant of an opportunity was missed all in all.

    Also, let's see who ends up buying the Fulcrum before all is gone and done. It is undergoing one of its most important purchases at this very moment (Egypt).

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    Oct 2010

    Ka-32A11BC is being delivered for the first time to Turkey and Thailand. Unsure of the split, but 8 helicopter total.

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    @Haavarla, I was talking about using the original AL-41F as an interim engine for the PAK-FA instead of the AL-41F1 derived from the AL-31F. And not on the Flanker.

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    AL-41F (izd.20) - a large engine, for a fighter weighing 39 - 42 tons.

    Name:  117&20.JPG
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    I think they will have to order more than that for Su-35S for the RuAF in order to really replace their current inventory of Su-27's still in service. Unless they plan to upgrade all of those so that eventually they are replaced by the Su-57.

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