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Thread: Israel acquires surplus CH-53 helicopters for spares

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    Israel acquires surplus CH-53 helicopters for spares

    The Israeli air force has acquired five decommissioned Sikorsky CH-53 transport helicopters from the USA to be used for spares, as part of a continuing effort to keep its aged fleet of the type flying.

    Selected by air force experts, the ex-US Marine Corps aircraft were moved by truck from storage in Arizona to Houston, Texas, where they were loaded on to a cargo ship. Following their arrival in Israel in mid-February, they will be taken to the 22 maintenance unit at Tel Nof air base and cannibalised as required.

    In addition to the airframes, Israel will also receive a number of engines, tail sections, rotor blades and other items that have been removed from service to support its fleet.|Flightglobal

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    The USMC has phased out all of its CH-53A/Ds, replacing them with the 3-engine CH-53E (the USMC D-model's last combat mission was in Afghanistan during late February 2012; it was taken out of service afterward.).

    Israel operates a modified version of the 2-engine CH-53D (as does Germany).

    There are a lot of surplus A/D airframes in storage, so selling off some to keep an ally's fleet operating is an expected thing.
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