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Thread: BoB 11 WOV -Patch available

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    BoB 11 WOV -Patch available

    For any of you have or are interested in BoB 11 WOV there is a free patch available now.

    5th January 2013

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ***************************

    Battle of Britain II BDG_2.12 Release now available.
    Please note that the items listed in these release notes are all incremental over 2.11. For notes on prior updates there, please see: ... 36&start=0
    This update has been brought to you by the freeware BDG (BoB Developers Group) team. We hope you enjoy the continued enhancements for what has been a real labour of love for over 10 years.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ***************************
    * This update comes in two parts
    * HERE-> (306M) <-HERE (English language only) OR
    * HERE-> (314M) <-HERE (International. Multiple languages, inc. English, has different home screen)
    * AND for users with a 256M (or better) video card we also have MULTISKIN:
    * HERE-> (164M) <-HERE (works with English or International versions). THIS IS VERSION 2.11. THIS IS THE CURRENT VERSION.
    2.12 MULTISKIN is due Q1 2013.
    * Note1: Multiskin goes on top of the base 2.12 English or International patch.
    * Note2: Multiskin is still version 2.11 (2.12_Multiskin will be released later). You will get a version warning when you install on top of 2.12. You can ignore this.
    * With these updates you must download the file to a temporary location and then install it.
    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ***************************

    So what's included?

    1) Major Campaign Game features update (two27)
    2) Bug fixes and AI behaviour updates (Buddye)
    3) Historically accurate key features Accuracy of airfields, industrial targets and defences is now simply unsurpassed by any past or future BoB simulation.
    4) Historically accurate key features - RAF airfields (Ben, PV, Stickman)
    5) Historically accurate key features - Industrial locations (Stickman and PV)
    6) Historically accurate key features - AA defences (Stickman)
    7) Historically accurate landscape features - (PV)
    8 ) More new models - (Ben)
    9) Flight model corrections - (blue six)

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ***************************

    Note1: this update will bring *any* previous version up to 2.12. You do not need any previous patches at all.
    Note2: You will need the latest DirectX to run 2.12.
    You will get a missing .dll error if you do not. When you run the 2.12 self-installer it will point you to the Microsoft DirectX update page. Update to DirectX9.0c (June version). Unfortunately, there are multiple versions of 9.0c so if in any doubt, update.
    Note3: The MultiSkin patch should go ON TOP OF Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory v2.12 Patch (English) OR Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory v2.12 Patch (International)
    You should have a 256M gfx card to be sure to run without issues.
    Note4: How to back up your existing settings from earlier BoBII updates.
    Buddye's installation guide HERE-> ... 0&t=19368B
    Back up your Bdg.txt and \savegame, \2dGauge, and \keyboard folders (these folders contain all your settings and joystick buttons)
    Note5: If you have a low end system and experience a crash once into 3D, go to your bdg.txt file and set LANDSCAPE_TEXTURE_SIZE = 1024 (the default is 2048). This will reduce the landscape texture resolution by a factor of 4 and should help users with low system memory.
    Note6: The minimum requirements for BoBII have changed very significantly since initial release. To run 2.12 successfully we recommend Win XP/7, 2GB RAM, 1GB Video card, Strong Dual or Quad Core processor.
    Note7: Vista and Windows 7 users may need to apply the 'Vista/Windows 7 fix' to your desktop shortcut as a fresh 2.11 install will overwrite the previous shortcut.
    Right click on shortcut and go to properties. Go to the compatibility tab. Check "disable desktop composition" and check the privilege level, run this program as an administrator.
    Note8: Forcing VSync with ATI card
    There is a known issue with the latest ATI cards and VSync. See ... 10&t=21660
    In short, you need to right click your ATI tray icon and enable through that (Wait for vertical refresh->Always on).
    Note9: Framerates over densely populated areas of 3D objects.
    See the section later in this thread. Object rendering is not as efficient as we hope to make it in the future. Be prepared to check your Ground Object Density settings in densely populated urban areas. See below.
    Note10: You will not be able to run old campaigns with 2.12. You will need to restart them.
    Note11: To run 2.12 with max settings you will need minimum of 3G RAM (ideally 4G). Players with 32 bit Windows7 will need to enable the "/3GB switch" to their system.
    Note12: To see in-menu videos with Win7, see here: viewtopic.php?p=161307#p161307 or install codecs here:

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ***************************

    What has changed since update 2.11?
    Quite a lot, really, after two and a half years of research and development.

    Campaign Code Corrections. (two27)
    Very significant fixes, improvements and adjustments have been made. This is the biggest fix since release of BoBI, let alone BoBII.
    A major re-write of the Campaign code after one year of game behaviour analysis and historical research was done. The ----Campaign now better reflects historical reality and realistic military operations.
    -Changes made to both sides for Morale and Skill behaviour.
    -The Review Reports changed for better tally of destroyed and damaged aircraft.
    -Unrealistic LW leader death rates and LW unit lockouts were fixed.
    -RAF aircraft production was remade and includes "shadow factories".
    -LW Recon has been changed in a major and simpler way.
    -LW Detached Escorts now actually fly like they should.
    -Fuel values in code now match the in-game fuel values.
    -Damaged aircraft repair is made better.
    -Some Campaign bugs fixed, Campaign menus changed better, and many more other Campaign fixes made.
    -Finally, the Order Of Battle for both sides has been changed, and units are assigned to their historical July 1940 airfields, best that we could do with given airfields.

    Here are comprehensive notes from our very talented and dedicated coder Randy. (Word doc.)
    Here: --> ... dates.docx <-- Here

    And here is Stickman's excellent Luftwaffe campaign thread. Very useful for Luftwaffe players.
    Here: --> viewtopic.php?f=48&t=11481

    A terrific thread on how things have changed for the Luftwaffe campaigner. Worth a good read!
    Here: --> ... 10&t=29337

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    What has changed since update 2.11?
    Quite a lot, really, after two and a half years of research and development.

    Historically accurate key features Accuracy of airfields, industrial targets and defences is now simply unsurpassed by any past or future BoB simulation.

    a) Historically accurate key features - RAF airfields (Ben, PV, Stickman)
    RAF Fighter Command: Updated: Biggin Hill, Coltishall, Croydon, Debden, Duxford, Gravesend, Hawkinge, Hornchurch, Kenley, Lympne, Manston, Martlesham, Middle Wallop, Northolt, North Weald, Pembrey, Rochford, Stapleford, Tangmere, Warmwell, Westhampnet, West Malling
    RAF Bomber Command: Updated: Andover, Boscombe Down, Detling, Odiham, Worthy Down
    RAF Coastal Command: Updated: Eastchurch, Ford, Gosport, Lee On Solent, Shoreham, Thorney Island

    b) Historically accurate key features - Factories (Stickman and PV) from period photographic sources.
    Updated: Woolston Supermarine, Woolston Supermarine, Itchen Aircraft Factory, ThornyCroft Motors, Southampton Electrical Works, Westland Aircraft works, Farnborough R.A E. (now the Home of the British Army), Canterbury Industry, Brooklands Vickers Works, Brooklands Hawker Factory, Langley Hawker Factory, Feltham General Aircraft Factory, Hatfield de Havilland Works, Luton Vauxhall Works.

    c) Historically accurate key features - Oil, Gas, and Power targets (Stickman, PV, Ben) from period photographic sources.
    Updated: Battersea, West Ham Power Station, Beckton Gas Works, Thames Haven Oil Farm,

    d) Historically accurate key features - AA defences (Stickman)

    e) Historically accurate landscape features - (PV)
    Updated: Southampton, Woolston, George V docks, Wemouth, Tilbury, Thames Haven, Gravelines to Dunkerque.

    f) Historically accurate landscape features - docks - (Stickman, Ben, PV) from period photographic sources
    Updated: Portland Naval Base, Weymouth Docks, Southampton Docks, Bournemouth Docks, Eastbourne Docks, Sheerness Docks, Dover Docks, Tilbury Docks, Brighton Docks.

    f) More models. Look for the Supermarine Walrus and Blackburn Shark at Coastal Command locations and buses.

    Watch out for three at once. (A typically British piece of humour from the very classy Rowan team that we gifted us this gem.

    New 3D Ground Object Models.
    Around 100 new ground objects made, and 100 old airfield objects remade.

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    What has changed since update 2.11?
    Quite a lot, really, after two and a half years of research and development.

    Historically accurate key features - AA defences (Stickman).
    This is a tremendous piece of work to research light, medium and heavy AA defences during the BoB period. British AA was fairly ineffective in the early war period and was over-estimated by the Luftwaffe. Later, it improved.

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    What has changed since update 2.11?
    Quite a lot, really, after two and a half years of research and development.

    2.12 code (exe) Changes from 2.11 (Buddye)

    1. In the R-3-5 Radio command, the Ghost A/C (internal tracking of player) must not be excluded so that you can effectively command the AI to attack a new target (you must padlock the target first).
    2. CTD reported by Chumleigh in campaign. I added a null pointer check to defend against the CTD.
    3. Fixed the problem of the AI A/C flipping on their backs when the player or enemy AI is shooting at them during auto takeoffs or landings. The AI were trying to maneuver to avoid a conflict with the players. It was a conflict avoidance issue, The fix was to "not" do conflict avoidance during the AI auto takeoff or landing. Turned out to be a very tough problem to understand.
    4. Added a NULL pointer check (mad) in program "Add_Shadow" to work around a CTD reported (thanks to Chumleigh's report).
    5. Changed the Group Go Home criteria for the Campaign only. The Group will go home when the number of A/C left fighting plus the number of A/C in go Home status is equal or greater than 50% of the number in the original Squad. The Campaign players wanted this change to reduce the number of A/C in the Squad being killed.
    6. A change to keep the RAF A/C from going to France most of the time. I did implement a random factor for individual A/C in a Squad so that on rare chance a "wild duck" pilot will continue chasing the enemy back to France.
    Note: to use this code you must set the following: BDG_Values.RAF_Breaksoff_Before_France = ON. The default is OFF.
    7. I implemented two new BDG.txt parameters for two AAA guns as follows:
    -- Reload_LT_BRIT_3_7IN_Gun = 1800.000000 #The Reload Time in CSeconds (Csec/100 = sec)for the British 3.7 inch gun.
    -- Reload_LT_BRIT_4_5IN_Gun = 1200.000000 #The Reload Time in CSeconds (Csec/100 = sec)for the British 4.5 inch gun.
    Stickman will use the new parameters to test and find the best default values for both the 3.7 IN and 4.5 IN British guns so the players will not need to change (unless they want something different).
    8. I added the following Bdg.txt parameters for Testing by Heinkill so that he can evaluate the effectiveness of "straggler" code:
    BOB_WING_OV_A = 100.000000 #Bomber Phase one wing, straggler
    BOB_WING_OV_B = 160.000000 #Bomber Phase two wing
    BOB_ENG_OV_A = 100.000000 #Bomber Phase one engine, straggler
    BOB_ENG_OV_B = 200.000000 #Phase two engine
    BOB_CAN_A = 50.000000 #Bomber Phase one canopy, straggler
    BOB_CAN_B = 100.000000 #Phase two canopy
    BOB_CAN = 2.000000 #JU87 canopy
    BOB_ENG = 190.000000 #Used for determining engine fire, do not change
    The three BDG.txt straggler changes are shown for #8. Here is the code and the code text:
    First the straggler code is as follows:
    if ( ac->ai.islimpinghome == false &&
    ((adptr->ENGINELEFT > BDG_Values.BOBENGOVA) || (adptr->ENGINERIGHT>BDG_Values.BOBENGOVA) || //BDG_Values.BOBENGOVA =100
    (((adptr->LEFTWINGOUT + adptr->LEFTWINGIN + adptr->RIGHTWINGIN + adptr->RIGHTWINGOUT) /4) > BDG_Values.BOBWINGOVA) || //BOBWINGOVA = 100
    (adptr->CANOPY > BDG_Values.BOBCANA)) ) //BOBCANA = 50
    These are all "or" so if any are true the bomber becomes a straggler, and then either heads home or tries to complete his mission at a slower pace.
    The three key parameters are:
    BOBENGOVA =100 this is the engine damage (so if the either engine is damaged greater than 120 out of 256 the bomber becomes a straggler
    BOBWINGOVA = 100 this is the wing damage so if the sum of all the wing damage (two wings plus inside and outside wing) divided by 4 is greater than 120
    BOBCANA = 50 this is the canopy damage so if the bomber canopy damage is greater than 50 the bomber becomes a straggler
    9. No evasive maneuver if attacking A/C is maneuver = STRAFFE and target A/C has it gear on the ground.
    10. Added a new BDG.txt parameter for those who want a an option for the JU87 behavior (maybe not realistic but the JU87 did have front guns):
    Do_You_Want_The_JU87_To_DogFight=OFF # ON = After being fired on (and a evasive maneuver) the JU87 will dogfight OFF = No, dogfighting after being fired on (and an evasive maneouvre)

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    What has changed since update 2.11?
    Quite a lot, really, after two and a half years of research and development.

    Flight Model (FM) updates.
    Some notes from Blue Six, our FM specialist.
    "Bf110 wing aerodynamics have been revised to bring them into closer compliance with those being used for the Bf109 (both aircraft used NACA 2R1 foils, the only difference being that the Bf110 had a higher thickness to chord ratio on the inboard section). Top speed and max roll rate remain unchanged, turn capability is slightly improved. While still no match for the RAF single-seaters, the Bf110 is less obviously out-classed and much more pleasant to fly."

    "The 3D prop pitch gauges on the Bf109 and Bf110 have been repaired. Each now indicates full fine pitch at the "12 o'clock" position, and unwinds counter-clockwise, indicating full coarse pitch at approximately "6 o'clock."

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    Note: please select FULL Ground Object Density in the game setup screens (under "More GFX") to see all of the objects.


    Folkestone Harbour

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    How do I enable trees?

    There are two places that Trees are enabled.

    1) Forests and Treelines

    Edit your \Battle of Britain II\bdg.txt file.
    Add these lines at the bottom:

    # AutoGen TreeLine stuff (experimental):

    Yes, you need all these lines. Just copy and paste all the section above, or type longhand.
    Users with weaker systems should reduce the numbers in bold down to 2 or 1 or 0 (lowest density). This number after the comma is a density setting and runs 0-3, minimum to maximum.

    So here is an example of a less demanding setting:

    # AutoGen TreeLine stuff (experimental):

    2) Other hedgerows

    In your Battle of Britain\Objectadds folder you will find a set of 27 text files called “TREES- …..txt”

    You can remove these files completely to reduce their impact on framerates.

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    Some comments on framerates with all the new objects.

    There will undoubtedly be quite an impact on many user's systems. Up until now large parts of the terrain have lacked 3D objects. Now there are many.

    If you have anything other than a strong modern processor (it is more processor dependent than anything else) consider
    1) reducing your Ground Object Density setting (Full=100%, High=50%, Medium=25%, Minimum=only essential items for gameplay)
    2) go to your Battle of Britain II\Objectadds folder and remove files. The ones starting “TREES- …..txt” are obvious. Others have logical names, so you can remove them selectively as you wish
    3) This thread from the Technical Support Forum is still valid. HERE-> ... 17&t=10091 Reducing Object density will have the greatest effect for many users as it's the main difference visually in the last three updates.

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    A couple of key mods.
    1) Water.
    To see water effects low down as in the screenshots in this thread, go to your Battle of Britain II\weather folder.
    Rename the file LOWDOWN_Water.fx to Water.fx
    (To restore the original water, rename the file DEFAULT_Water.fx to Water.fx)
    The new water effect is much better low down, but perhaps not so good at height, where you spend most time flying which is why this is optional.

    2) Compass around artificial horizon.
    I have had a few queries about what is, in fact, quite a old feature. For full details on the highly flexible 2D gauge system look here: ... 10&t=10981

    If you wish only to enable the compass ring around your artificial horizon (top right), go to your Battle of Britain II\2Dgauges folder and rename the files starting "COMPASS_" by removing the text "COMPASS_" from the filename.
    Example: change COMPASS_BF109_2DGauges.ini to BF109_2DGauges.ini. Do this for all five flyable aircraft. You might want to save the original files first.

    3) RAF Constant Speed (Variable pitch) propellors.
    By the time of the BoB virtually all of the two pitch propellors were gone.
    If you want to give both 1A and 1B models of the Hurricane and Spitfire a variable pitch prop unit, then go to your \Battle of Britain II\models folder
    and make a copy of Hurricane1B.ACM and Spitfire1B.ACM and rename them as Hurricane1A.ACM and Spitfire1A.ACM, replacing the existing files.
    This will remove all two pitch machines in-game. Next time we need to refine this further to allow both types, but in more historically accurate numbers
    (by default most are 1A right now, which isn't right, they should be the exception).

    4) Alternate in game maps (BoBI style)
    Some prefer the original RAF maps, please download here:

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    Yet another wonderful team effort across all times zones and nationalities. The passion and dedication of the team continues to be humbling. We don't do this for the pay, merely for the love of a shared passion.

    There are dozens of people contributing to the various versions so far.
    Please see past release notes for previous versions. Specifically on 2.12, thank you to:
    3D Modelling and Textures: Ben.
    Campaign Guide: PV
    Coding: Buddye, two27, and Osram.
    BFIELDS Object placement: Ben, stickman.
    Flight Model (FM): blue six
    Help file: Two27, PV, Osram.
    Historical Research: two27, Ben, PV, stickman
    Landscape: Ben, PV, Stickman
    Multi Player pioneering: alexcraig, chumleigh.
    Player Manual editing: Prem.
    Terrain Editing: PV, Ben, Bader
    Textures: Ben, Stickman, Hazzie, Bader

    Testing: chumleigh, alexcraig, borton, chumleigh,creepycrawl, TigerMoth, Trumper, Heinkill, Cherkassov54, Webz1982, Prem, MadRobbie1, heinkill, stickman, two27, Bader, and Buddye.

    General Support: Special thanks to Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations for hosting and supporting us.

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    Multiskin updates
    2.12 Multiskin will follow the main code update. Bf110 schemes will be updated and 'A' and 'B' camouflage patterns will be introduced for RAF fighters. It is worth re-stating that BoBII does something that no other sim has ever done (or will ever do). It models every single aircraft down to Squadron or Staffel level with unique paintschemes and identifying codes.

    All in, over 2,000 schemes for all fighters and bombers are authentically modelled, a unique feature of the passion and dedication of the BoBII community.

    ================================================== ================================================== ==========================

    Known Issues:
    1- When selecting the Blenheim in the 'End of Defiant' Historical Instant Action Mission (you can add it in place of the Defiant), you *must* select an RAF or Luftwaffe fighter after making the change to enable the Blenheim. If you do not, you will get a crash.
    2- Some objects are lighting badly in low light conditions.
    3- Spitfire flap selector animation timing is delayed when selecting 'flaps up'.
    4- With 2.12 we have some broken links in the Campaign Help files for non-English versions. Native speakers with a little time to help fix issues would be appreciated.

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    Yea I'll take a patch!!! is it sew on or stick on ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by AutoStick View Post
    Yea I'll take a patch!!! is it sew on or stick on ???
    Sort of stick on as you add it to the game

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