After reading about the recent selection of the M-346 for the IASF's next trainer to replace the Skyhawk (20 examples left?) as well as the impending delivery of the same type for the RSAF (again to replace the remaining 4 A-4SU's and 7 TA-4SU's based in France) thought it might be fun to see what all could be brought up regarding the remaining A-4's still flying both in operational military service as well as civilian hands.

From what I can gather, in addition to the two Air Forces listed above, the Brazilian Navy still has about a dozen or so A-4KU/TA-4KU's in service (called AF-1/AF-1A locally) and the Argentine Air Force has around 34 A-4AR/OA-4AR's in service. I'm not sure on the exact numbers in each of the four air forces, so if anyone has confirmation of that info please feel free to share.

I'm curious to know more about the Brazilian Navy AF-1 upgrade program. This will be done by Embraer I believe. Have time tables been set for the work?

I'd like to see Skyhawks flying for a while (provided they are safe of course) so hearing about new upgrade programs for these old warriors is always good news to me.

On the civilian front, I can think of ATAC and BAe Systems flying the Skyhawk. Anyone know total numbers they fly and what variants? (Formerly Israeli examples I think?)