Welcome to AirForces Daily. We believe this military aviation website, with its news, videos, searchable Attrition and exclusive features is set to revolutionise the way in which you are kept informed. Unlike many websites that you might find on the Internet, AirForces Daily is authoritative and the information is searchable by country, air arm and aircraft type.

News is continuously updated by the Military News Team, who also provide the latest developments for our AirForces Monthly and Aviation News magazines.

The Team can call upon its huge set of worldwide correspondents as well as press releases from the defence industry and the military. So you will be kept in the news loop, as it happens! Currently, there were over 1300 news items on the website spanning a year on air arms all over the world.

Attrition is compiled on a daily basis with initial reports updated with the Official Crash report and photos, as soon as they are released. You can search records by date, type, country or air arm, that go back to 2000 and there are plans to go back even further to 1990!

Also unique to AirForces Daily are the videos, found under the appropriate section, with detailed captions explaining exactly what you are looking at.

There are exclusive features which include Force Reports, Operations and Exercises, as well as Air Show and Event Listings and Blogs by the AirForces Daily editorial team on the hottest military topics out there.

So whether you are a military aviation enthusiast, defence industry professional or a member of the armed forces, AirForces Daily will provide you with unrivalled news coverage, independent and informed commentary with archived resources.

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